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The Doodle Shack is a self-catering small venue
with an industrial feel and farm-like atmosphere.
Situated on a 2 hectare estate in Shere, Pretoria.

It is owned by local artist Tania Swarts.

We would love to be a blessing to your baby shower, kitchen tea, family get together, 60th, 70th, or any other beautiful function.

Please contact us: info@doodleshack.co.za

Small conference

We offer group art workshops and prophetic art sessions for groups up to 20.

kuns bediening

Bespreek ‘n prettige sessie waar die woord van God 

bedien word op ‘n unieke manier.

Min 6, maks 20 mense

LW: geen kuns talent word

benodig nie!

Instruksie in Afrikaans


Our venue is available to rent for any beautiful function.

Our venue is self-catering. We only book one party at a time, you have the hall area (10 X 5m with maximum seated capacity of 50), the ‘stoep’ area (covered 15 X 4m), garden area and kitchen to use for your special function.

You are welcome to decorate according to your theme.

Please send an email to info@doodleshack.co.za to receive more information and pricelists.

kuns berading

“Art can be said to be – and can be used as – the externalized map of our interior self” Peter London

Pastoral counselling assisted by art as a less threatening way to overcome personal challenges without having to share if you don’t want to.

“Telling without really telling”

Group & one-on-one sessions.

Kids and adults: 0836297706


  • info@doodleshack.co.za
  • 083 6297706